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2024 Stewardship Campaign

We love abundantly.

We serve abundantly.

We give abundantly.

Because of you our Church changes lives…       

    We grow in Faith and Love and share God’s love with the world

           We share our gifts and talents and our outreach knows no bounds

stewardship 2024.png

Our Stewardship Theme for 2024 highlights the ways in which every one of us puts our faith into action to make a difference in our world and share God’s love for all.

Because of you, our church changes lives…

We grow in faith and love and share God’s love with the word. We do this through Bible study classes, our Church School Programs and Family First Friday services.

We share our gifts and talents, and our outreach knows no bounds. Each of the organizations we support enables us to share our commitment with our neighbors, those who are local as well as national and international.

As you prayerfully consider your pledge for this year, the Stewardship committee would ask that you consider:

1.    Are you able to increase your pledge by $5 per week ($260/year)?

2.    If you have not pledged in the past, are you able to make a pledge this year?

3.    Are you able to convert to electronic giving (EFT) for this year?

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